Created in 2014, AWOM Club is a brand that stemmed from a philanthropic venture, Angel Watching Over Me.  AWOM Club Is a lifestyle ready to wear brand based out of Miami, FL. With strong female will power and a minimal design, we are consumed by creating a timeless brand with a story. 

AWOM does its job to be mindful when creating while being kind to our ecosystem. 

Humans are social beings. Nothing can get accomplished without the help of others. That’s why this brand is being apart of something bigger. It’s a club, an all inclusive crew. We are all angels watching over each other.

To learn more about the non profit we are affiliated with go to www.awom.org



The woman capsule was created to make women feel empowered by the garment worn. The minimal and strong graphic represents just that. AWOM Club is a brand run by women, along with all of its sister companies. The word woman in three different languages is stamped on the garments to represent the universal woman, femme, mujer.

Women are on the come up. Thats the story.